Twitter Users Eviscerate Trump Tweet Comparing U.S. To Front Yard

Donald Trump’s crankier tweets frequently produce a “you kids leave my yard” ambiance, but he in fact went there in one upset post on Thursday. It belonged to a series of tweets where he griped about pesky things like due procedure for asylum applicants. In the first tweet, Trump called existing migration laws “ridiculous,” overlooking that they are following the guidelines set down in the Constitution. In the next one, Trump entered into actual “leave my yard” mode. As you can most likely think, many Twitter users had a major issue with his remarks. Some attempted to use reasoning and thinking. Some just explain the falsity of Trump’s remarks. Someone argued that Trump’s tweet shows he has no desire to do the No. 1 job of the presidency: safeguard the Constitution. Others indicated a possible option for Americans. One Twitter merely recommended Trump’s screeds had something in typical with a popular 1970s music group.